Cancel Culture’s Curse to Christianity

A friend recently asked me about “cancel culture.” Here are my thoughts.

Cancel culture is evil on multiple levels. Those who try to cancel opposing viewpoints are destroying people’s lives, destroying our national heritage and cultural cohesion, and they completely misrepresent the moral fabric that made this country great.

The cancel culture’s focus on slavery and white supremacy to portray capitalism as evil overshadows Jesus’ parable of the talents and exposes their twisted intentions. Their solution to earning a just reward for your efforts? Enslave all to the collective whole. And by the collective whole, I don’t mean just Americans working to support fellow Americans. I mean enslaving Americans- and the other Western nations- to support the entire planetary population. To that, I implore you to look beyond activists’ demands for reparations and special provisions in America. Pay close attention to global discussions concerning how to finance the new global economy which envisions the empowerment of China, India, and Africa.

Cancel culture has a unique way of externalizing problems- meaning they place blame fully on social constructs instead of acknowledging individual responsibility where appropriate. When that happens, there is no longer a concept of individual sin and need of a Savior to make atonement with God.

Instead, they mock Jesus’ sacrifice with a concept of social salvation by crucifying whatever they determine to be the cause of the “social evil.” Today they’re targeting the police, white politicians, and American and European culture. Sooner, rather than later, it will be Christians, whose biblical teachings run counter to everything the global system believes is necessary for planetary salvation. You might say the global system is expressly anti-Christian.

The longer cancel culture is allowed to continue, the closer we’ll get to understanding why it is written, “they will be of one mind and give their authority and power to the beast. And the beast will make war against the Lamb” (Revelation 17:13). Cancel culture is really out to cancel the Lamb.

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Doug Carter

Doug Carter is a graduate of North Carolina State University and Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Besides teaching ethics and Bible courses, he writes about cultural issues from a biblical perspective. He'll tell you things media, politicians, and preachers should be saying, but aren't. His work has been featured on the Rush Limbaugh Show, WND, Western Journalism, Freedom Outpost,

2 thoughts on “Cancel Culture’s Curse to Christianity”

  1. With all due respect Mr. Carter, your latest comments are nothing but a collection of conservative straw men . Christians and conservatives in general have had their own cancel culture for decades , a right-wing cancel culture which threatens the rights of non-christians and others in America .
    They have long been determined to cancel the rights of LGBT Americans and want to turn back the clock to the awful time when gays in America lives in fear of being discovered , disgraced, rejected by family and friends , losing their jobs and even being sent to prison or to mental institutions where they were subject to brutal electric shock therapy as a supposed “cure ” for homosexuality . Some were even lobotomized !
    Conservatives are determined to cancel the right of American women to control their bodies, their futures , their lives and their health by making abortion illegal again , thus returning America to the terrible days before Roe v Wade when poor women routinely died form botched illegal abortions or nearly died and suffered permanent bodily harm while rich women easily went abroad for safe legal ones . Many conservative also want to make contraceptives illegal, even though they are the only hitting that can PREVENT abortions and do not want the government to help women to provide for children and get the medical care they need to prevent unwanted abortions .
    They also do not want babies that grow up to be gay to have any rights any more. Supposedly, a fertilized cell has “rights”, but not one that grows up to be gay . What kind of sick, twisted thinking is this ?
    Liberals are not trying to “persecute ” Christians ,nor do they want our government to do this . They are not opposed to Christianity per se, nor do they “hate ” Christians , and many liberals ARE Christians .
    But they rightly want religious freedom for followers of all religions, not only Christianity , and they support the right of Americans no to follow any religion at all . All of this is guaranteed by our Constitution .
    But many conservative Christians are determined to cancel separation of church and state and to bering America closer and closer to what it was never intended to be by the founders – a totalitarian Christian theocracy .
    America is now the most religiously diverse nation in world history, with many millions of followers of just about every religion in existence other than Christianity as well as millions of atheists and agnostics .
    And we must never allow non-christians students in our public schools to be subject to mandatory participation in Christian prayers and Bible readings, because this would be a blatant violation of their rights as well as the rights of their parents .
    We MUST preserve the rights of these non-christian Americans or we will be doomed to religious tyranny by the Christian majority .


  2. This is a tough call. And yes we must allow people to express themselves, not believe in God etc. We must allow them to burn bibles, the flag etc. as well. It is true that all things being equal that all religions should be permissible. Yet all things are not equal. There are people that dislike other religions etc. and wish to cause harm and anarchy.
    We certainly do not want a Christian Theocracy nor do we want Christians or any religion to become a target.


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