Mark of the Beast, or Blockchain Digital Identities?

As discussions about digital identities increase, some of you are asking about “the mark of the beast.”

Specifically, I’m often asked some variation of, “Does the vaccine passport have anything to do with this specific prophecy?”

Let’s start with the prophecy from Revelation 13:16-18:

Also it causes all, both small and great, both rich and poor, both free and slave, to be marked on the right hand or the forehead, so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark, that is, the name of the beast or the number of its name. This calls for wisdom: let the one who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and his number is 666.

Here’s my short answer: I don’t know if the vaccine passport has anything to do with this prophecy.

Here’s my long answer:

Humanism and 666

Lets’ start with “the number of man is 666.” Here’s what I know: the New World Order we’re entering is a conglomeration of economic, social, and environmental issues driven by a humanistic worldview. To accomplish this, “there will need to be shifts in attitudes, behaviours, and knowledge competencies,” says a 2015 report from the United Nations ESCAP (United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific).

UNESCO, who considers itself the “conscience of humanity,” is positioning itself to impose humanism upon the world. “What humanists of all ages and countries posited for cites and state, we must now achieve worldwide. We must build a lasting universal human community, drawing on the fundamental values of humanity.” Perhaps this terse motto of the American Humanist Association will contextualize the UN’s goals for humanity: “Good without a God.”

And just like that, humanity circles back to the original Fall of mankind in the Garden of Eden. Humanity becomes like a god, determining for itself good and evil. Why is the beast given the number 666, the number of man? How else could the early Christian church understand the term, “humanism?” 666 seems pretty sufficient to me.

The Beast’s Global Influence Requires Infrastructure

For the beast to control commerce and trade for everyone, a global infrastructure is needed. We’re now in a Fourth Industrial Revolution world that can make that possible. Blockchain technology is growing at a rapid pace, enabling everyone to have a unique digital identification and be connected to everything. It won’t be many years before buying, selling, and trading becomes impossible without a digital identity linking you to a “safe, secure” global network.

How Will Your Digital Identity be used by the Blockchain Infrastructure?

Here are some reasons why digital identities are just around the corner for everyone:

Banking/Finance/Money: Money is transforming from a pocketful of paper and coins to digital accounting on a digital wallet on your phone. Bitcoin has taken the digital world by storm as a decentralized alternative to fiat currency issued by national central banks such as the Federal Reserve in America. Because of its adoption across geographical boundaries, early entry into the world of digital finance, and continued dominance, Bitcoin is now being considered alongside gold as an attractive investment to large funds. However, the market is young and central banks are testing their own cryptocurrencies. The Bahamas are now testing one called the “sand dollar.”

Health: Medical records will be linked to a passport using blockchain. This is helpful for keeping your healthcare providers in the loop concerning your medical history. This also enables you to participate in social activities.

School: Your digital identity helps to mark students’ strengths and weaknesses. Artificial Intelligence can target causes of poor or good performance by monitoring online activities and other personal data (home situation, etc) and offer solutions to help students become better learners. This oversight will also help ensure compliance with new sustainable norms and values, while meeting UNESCO’s Education 2030 commitment to the UN’s Sustainable Development goals. Graduates will retain their digital identity to help them get jobs and participate in all aspects of trade and commerce in the blockchain world.

Businesses and Culture: Businesses will get social credit evaluations based on their sustainability efforts and environmental impact. The more compliant, the more AI boosts your company in connected algorithms and the greater the market share they’re going to get. Non-compliance gets penalized. If they can do it with businesses, they can do it with people. They just need everyone on the blockchain with a digital identity.

How Will Digital Identities become Mainstreamed?

Given the alleged inability of marginalized groups to get a voter ID, how is it conceivable everyone has their own digital identification?

A vaccine passport is just one way to get everyone identified. Your medical records become digitized, attached to the blockchain network, and you’re free to move about.

Another way to get everyone identified is to issue digital IDs to students and teachers. As we see with Cardano’s #CardanoAfrica initiative, particularly their work with the Ethiopian government, schools are easy targets. There, the first phase of a trial is underway to get 5 million students and 700 thousand teachers digitally identified.

Mass digital identification is even easier when schools require all incoming fall semester students be vaccinated. We’re already seeing this in some American colleges and universities.

I often wondered what it would take for people to get the “Mark.” Welcome to the Great Reset and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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Doug Carter

Doug Carter is a graduate of North Carolina State University and Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Besides teaching ethics and Bible courses, he writes about cultural issues from a biblical perspective. He'll tell you things media, politicians, and preachers should be saying, but aren't. His work has been featured on the Rush Limbaugh Show, WND, Western Journalism, Freedom Outpost,

8 thoughts on “Mark of the Beast, or Blockchain Digital Identities?”

    1. I did a search on cardano (I’m invested in it) and the mark of the beast. The reason I did that is because I noticed that cardano is 6 dots in a circle surrounded by 6 smaller dots in a circle, surrounded by 6 smaller dots. I hadn’t noticed that before it kind of shocked me. So I did a search and found this article. Thank you for sharing. You helped me open my eyes to what is going on.


  1. Well done sir; as I’ve come to always expect from you. Is the supposed “Vaccine Passport” the mark of the beast? I don’t think so; but the fact that we now have to consider the DNA-changing bio-marker technology, blockchain and other technological capabilities that enable a globalization effort’s success, etc. tells us that the rapture (which the humanists will disguise and deny) is much closer than many think. My prayer is that we can reach as many for Christ as we can before it’s too late. Oh, they’ll have an opportunity for salvation afterwards, but oh what a heavy price they’ll have to pay. Why wait friends? Avoid the agony and pain of the great tribulation. You see it on the horizon, you can feel the ominous clouds rolling in around you. Repent and be saved my friends. The answer is as it’s always been; Jesus!


  2. I’m a Cardano investor who is waking up to the reality that I think I picked the very currency to invest in that will usher in the NWO and all that you said. You are on point. In my research today alone I’ve discovered what is not talked about much in crypto press and that’s Cardanos connection to IBM S&P Bank of America etc. currently it seems Cardano is laying low. Slowly rising. The elite are investing but it’s staying out of the commercial limelight I believe so it can hang onto a decentralized reputation while working directly with banks and governments as this new world of tech is tested and developed. EVERYTHING you mentioned is their goal. This is NOT true of other crypto currencies which are about keeping the world decentralized. But this hardly ever gets pointed out. Currently there is a debate over Bitcoin or ethereum and both getting negative press. Doge gets written off as a scam. But Cardano/ADA is touted as the environmental crypto on MSN.Com. It will likely become very popular this year into next and touted as solving the worlds problems (that were created by the very companies that are behind it try)
    The wording of much of their platforms and protocols have a biblical feel. It’s a highly “philosophical” company. I’m disturbed and will have to sit with this and pray on it more. I’m happy I found this post. I’ll be back to share more. In the meantime take not that the EU is also connected to the testing period of this technology and I suggest anyone interested Google Ourboros (this is what lays out the plan beyond the surface of the ADA coin. (Also ADA is named after Ada Lovelace the first computer programmer and a woman. Is there something about a female ushering in the antichrist?)


    1. Hi Elaine, thank you for reaching out. I study Cardano almost daily, so I share the same concerns you mentioned. It’s interesting to note Cardano’s role in lifting Africa. I expect them to take on a much larger role considering the Global Footprint Network produced a bar graph in 2013 and 2014 in which they discuss lifting production and consumption in Africa, Asia/Pacific, India, and China. Also noteworthy is they’re talking about dropping it drastically in the other parts of the world. North America is targeted to fall hardest. Both are happening now, which makes Chainlink and Polygon very interesting, too. Here’s a link to that resource: What is Ecological Overshoot

      Re. Cardano, because of its occultic history, Ourboros is NOT a name I would’ve chosen!

      For my crypto research, I start with the World Economic Forum. If the WEF backs a company, I look into it further, ie. Chainlink + WEF. Blockchain is a necessary part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, so there’s no doubt it will grow exponentially.

      If you’re interested, I talk a little more about God’s grace and some positive aspects of Blockchain in my June episode on


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