God-tapped Destiny

Chills shot up my arms. Before I could understand what was happening, they raced across my back like rapidly unfolding wings and streaked down my legs. This time– this time was the most intense God-tap I’d ever felt.

Sometimes God reaches down, touches you with His finger, and explains exactly who you are and what you’re created to do.

And He’ll never let you forget it.

For many years I’ve offered to allow God to set me apart for His purposes. I’ve gotten a lot of feel-good clues since then, but everything seemed generalized. Combined with a lack of clarity and unfulfilled dreams, I wasn’t sure exactly where I stood on God’s notice list. That all changed this week. At this year’s Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference, God made it clear He’d heard those prayers and accepted my heart’s desire.

More than that, He made it crystal clear He put each of my specific desires in me.

Before the chills could subside, I heard the whisper, I’ve anointed you.

There were nearly four hundred singing voices during those few moments, but I heard only one. The One.

“What? What does that even mean?” No one poured oil on my head. I thought that was kind of how that was supposed to be done.

But the Word in my mind overrode the traditions of men.

I’d literally been praying God’s will for my life back to Him.

I went to the conference wondering why I was really going. Other than to take a few classes on the craft of writing, seek answers, reconnect with old friends, and make new ones, was I really supposed to be there? Was I an imposter in the writing world? Would I get this burning message out of my head and heart before it was too late?

Like most attendees, I felt the ups and downs leading up to the conference. However, I’ve learned to let God be God and to leave room for His surprising grace.

I walked away from the conference with a full heart, a laser-like purpose, answers to my questions, kindled friendships, and a mountain of encouragement– and the eagerness to pursue an awaiting God-tapped destiny.

Published by

Doug Carter

Doug Carter is a graduate of North Carolina State University and Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Besides teaching ethics and Bible courses, he writes about cultural issues from a biblical perspective. He'll tell you things media, politicians, and preachers should be saying, but aren't. His work has been featured on the Rush Limbaugh Show, WND, Western Journalism, Freedom Outpost, et.al.

3 thoughts on “God-tapped Destiny”

  1. Good on you Mr. Doug. Discovering that you are exactly where God wants you to be, and doing what God wants you to do, then you are in a great position indeed sir. Let Him lead, so that the glory will be His my friend. Praying you through the journey.

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